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  • Pre-construction

    Stoneridge provides all the pre-construction services needed to plan and complete any project. We find the most cost-effective approach. Early analysis of materials, equipment, systems and schedules allows us to make decisions that are consistent with the project requirements. Services include estimating, value engineering, constructability review, schedule development and procurement.

    General Contracting

    Stoneridge is committed to protecting the client throughout the construction process. In our role as the general contractor, we are responsible for ensuring that the work is constructed accurately, represents the plans and specifications, and is completed in a safe environment while maintaining the highest quality possible. Services include quality control, schedule control, billing, project administration and close-out.

    Construction Management

    Our deliverable process and approach give us a range of options to proactively manage the sequence of construction. Stoneridge provides each client with coordination, recommendations and oversight of the construction process to guarantee that the owner saves money and time while building the best possible product.


    Using the design/build approach, Stoneridge has established a portfolio of quality projects. Working closely with the designers and owners, we provide estimates throughout various phases, implement schedules, determine long lead items, identify constructability and material alternatives, and oversee procurement.

    Sustainable Construction: A Better Balance

    Stoneridge is committed to implementing sustainable construction practices. We provide our clients with demolition/construction waste management planning, project specification review and green material options.